Chus Lago

“During my entire life, I have pursued the perfect adventure, a clean voyage, without reproachment nor errors, the way without defects. These imperfections have imprinted in my memory a bit of agitation. Those that have forced me to kneel down and drag myself along, to bite the dust, to retrace my steps in search of another route, along with those that broke me so that I had to remake myself are the ones that have remained.
The Summit is the point in which all dreams fit; when you reach it, the sum of all your lived moments explode and there is no longer a more alive being in the world. Nor is there anything that resonates more in your interior tan a unique moment of glory. I would like to keep alive the summit that disappeared below my feet as soon as I reached it and that left me hanging in the air with an atrocious feeling of loss that I did not then understand: reaching a purpose also implies losing it. That summit had been my entire purpose; there was nothing beyond. And therefore, it was urgent for me to die, be reborn, and go forward.


Fata y los fantasmas del Everest

The latest published book

Publisher Diquesí – 2022

“One morning, Fata receives a telegram from her old friends, Irvine and Mallory, requesting her help. She is a mountain fairy, but if she wants to be successful, she knows she has to count on her friend Pemba, a boy as determined as he is impulsive who lives at the foot of Mount Machapuchare with his grandfather and who is willing to learn everything he does. missing to survive in the mountains. Despite her good intentions, they soon discover that dark shadows accompany them on their mission.”

PRESS for “The mirror of  ice”

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14 February 2021

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18 January 2021

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7 February 2021

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15 January 2021

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February 2021


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9 January 2021

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20 December 2020

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8 December 2020


A precious love story of ice, snow, and great white spaces… A caress for the spirit.

– Ramón Portilla –


This book is a marvel. You are not going to read it; you are going to live it. And it is going to be an unforgettable experience

– Rosa Montero –


The Mirror of Ice is a book that wins hearts; it is a beautiful book. It is difficult to generate such a feeling when writing about oneself, but Chus pulls it off.

Jorge M. Mier –

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