Baikal is impressive. It is the deepest and cleanest lake on Earth, majestic and wonderful.It is about 600 km long and the ice that covers it...



"The Summit is what you live from the moment you dream of it until the moment that you reach it. The summit is the power of your desire" This is how...



  • 2019 | LAKE BAIKAL
    640-km crossing of Lake Baikal in Siberia, Russia from south to north.

    • 2017 | BAFFIN
      190-km crossing of Barnes Ice Cap, on Baffin Island, Canada

        200 km-crossing along the frozen lakes of Lapland: 130 km on Lake Inari and 70 km on Lake Torneträsk, both within the Arctic Circle.

        • 2009 | SOUTH POLE SOLO
          Reached the South Pole solo from Hercules Bay on 8 January 2009, becoming the first solo expedition from Spain (almost completely autonomous, with only one resupply).

          • 2007 | GREENLAND
            100-km polar crossing.

            • 2006 | GREENLAND
              100-km polar crossing.

              • 2006 | TORNETRÄSK LAKE (Lapland)
                Ski crossing.

                • 2004 – 2005 | OPENING GALFRÍO ROUTE
                  Opening of an ice route in Vinson Massif, Antarctica, in company of Miguel Ángel Vidal and named for the primary sponsor of the expedition.

                  • 2004 – 2005 | VINSON MASSIF (5,114 m) ANTARCTICA
                    Reached the Summit of Vinson Massif solo on December 25, becoming the first Spanish woman and second Spaniard to achieve this distinction.

                    • 2004 – 2004 | SNOW LEOPARD PROJECT
                      Title given to athletes who reach the highest summits of the former Soviet Union: Lenin, Khan Tengri, Pobeda, Korgenevskaya, and Somoni. Chus Lago obtained the title 13 August 2004. She reached the summits of Korgenevskaya (6,135 m) and Somoni (7,495 m).

                      • 2003 | OPENING OF ICE ROUTES IN NEPAL
                        Opened “Ría de Vigo” (400 m altitude difference) and “Flamini” (300 m III+/IV) with Miguel Ángel Vidal, Oscar Morales, and Curro González.

                        • 2003 | POBEDA (7.439 m)
                          Reached the summit of Pobeda on August 12. Snow Leopard Project.

                          • 2002 | POBEDA (7.439 m)
                            Abandoned after three failed attempts at the summit. Snow Leopard Project.

                            • 2001 | KHAN TENGRI (7.010 m.)
                              Reached the summit and is blocked in field III of Pobeda (7,439 m). Snow Leopard Project.

                              • 2000 | ISMOIL SOMONI PEAK (7.495 m.)
                                Reached the summit of Peak Pico Dushambe (7,000 m).

                                • 1999 | EVEREST (8.850 m.) NORTH FACE NORTHWEST EDGE
                                  Reached the summit without the aid of artificial oxygen (which was used during two hours of the descent).

                                  • 1998 | EVEREST (8.850 m.) NORTH FACE NORTHWEST EDGE
                                    Reached an elevation of 8,250 m.

                                    • 1995 | CHO OYU (8.201 m.)
                                      Expedition to Cho Oyu, Tibet, one of the fourteen eight-thousanders of the planet. Reached an elevation of 8,150 .

                                      • 1993 | EXPEDITION TO LENIN PEAK (UZBEKISTAN) (7.134 m.)
                                        Reached the summit. Snow Leopard Project.

                                        • 1992 | GALICIAN EXPEDITION TO EVEREST (NEPAL) ( 8.850 m.)
                                          Reached an elevation of 7,800 m.

                                          • 1991 | GALICIAN EXPEDITION TO ANNAPURNA (8.091 m.)
                                            Reached an elevation of 7,000 m.

                                            • 1990 | BOLIVIAN ANDES EXPEDITION
                                              Nevado Illimani (6500 m.)
                                              Gran Condoriri (5700 m.)
                                              Huayna Potosi (6100 m.)

                                              • 1989 | KENYAN EXPEDITION
                                                Point Lenana (4985 m.)
                                                Mount Kenya Ice Window Route (5200 m.)
                                                Ascensions in the climbing areas of:
                                                Ndeiya HellsGate

                                                • 1987 | CORDILLERA BLANCA, PERU
                                                  Pisco 5732 m. (summit)
                                                  Tocllaraju 6034 m. (summit)
                                                  Ranrapalca 6130 m. (summit). New route west face
                                                  South Ishinca 5500 m. (summit)
                                                  Chopicalqui 6354 m. (summit)


                                                  1.500 Kilómetros de Hielo, mucho más que una expedición. Ha sido un proyecto personal de la alpinista Chus Lago, que la ha llevado a Laponia en 2016, la gran isla de Baffin, en Canadá en 2017 y concluyó en 2019 en la región siberiana del Lago Baikal.

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